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"Enemies of The Dream": What are the biggest barriers to belief (and the biggest stumbling blocks for believers)?

posted Apr 27, 2011 08:36:37 by snowsteward
Folks, the next book from our project is tentatively titled "Enemies of the Dream." Rather than be a mere rehashing of the most common objections to the Christian faith, I want this work to be something...much deeper. Even believers will encounter the enemy of "doubt" from time to time. I remember a time, as a new believer, when I stepped into a church that was not my own...and not even one person took the time to talk to me. The pastor seemed to go out of his way to ignore me and not even look at me. No one even said "Hi." The coldness of the place was tangible...I could "feel" it--and I suddenly realized that I, a Christian believer, was apparently "unwelcome" in a place that claimed to serve the same God I did.

THOSE are the kinds of "enemies" I wish to explore.

Well, that leads me to you. What "enemies" to Christianity do you want to see in the next book? Don't hold back. Everything can (and should) be on the table, just be discreet as to how you word things--children do read these sites, after all.

I'm looking forward to your replies.
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