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Considering "Relationship Suicide?" What would Jesus do?

posted Apr 27, 2011 08:55:32 by snowsteward
To go to your closest relationships with the Gospel is not easy. First off, the Gospel makes the claim that we are all sinners. So, to give the Gospel to the ones you love is to risk offending the point that they may not even talk to you afterward. Second, because we are sinners ourselves--and the loved one you wish to witness to usually is well acquainted with your own past sins and the ways in which you have messed up your own life..they may feel as if you have no right to "judge" their sinful actions. Third---if the loved one walks out of your life, the separation and loss of relationship will not be easy to bear.

It really starts to hit you when they stop talking to you.

It gets even harder when they no longer hug you.

It will be the hardest when you realize that "you're dead to them."

Relationship suicide??? Dare we do it?

Yes. Do it anyway. Hell is hot, and it is long. If your child was drowning in the ocean, you would not ponder the possibility of the rescued child's feelings being hurt that you tried to rescue him or her. Everyday, 150,000 people "drown" in death into eternity. Go to them with the message of "repentance and faith" today.

In a way, Jesus committed "relationship suicide" everywhere he went. To "fit in" with the Pharisees and the other religious bigwigs of His day, He could have copied their customs and followed their personal traditions. Instead, Jesus went against the grain by rejecting such things, because He knew that things like ceremonial washing were just "outward" signs of so-called "purity," while their insides (their hearts) were blatantly sinful--and He called them on it. As a result, He was hated by them all the more...but I don't doubt He loved them anyway.

That's what we MUST do. Go to our loved ones with the Gospel message...and if they break off their relationship with us, then that is how it must be. Ponder what you have lost...but remember this. A few hurt feelings in this life are NOTHING compared to an eternity in Hell that our unsaved loved ones face as the punishment for their crimes... We have all committed high treason against our Creator. Yet, you hold the "Pardon" in your hands..the Gospel that Christ bled and died for. Will it be "relationship suicide" if you share it with family and friends? Perhaps. But I'll take that risk....because eternity is coming. 10 out of 10 not go without Christ.
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