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Welcome to "Facespace" (The Dreamchaser Project Forums)!

posted Apr 20, 2011 01:20:44 by snowsteward
Welcome, friends.

I've always wanted this ministry site to be more than just a place to buy books and schedule events. I want it to be a vibrant place where "Dreamchasers" the world over can come and share their apologetics knowledge and their personal evangelism stories while encouraging other believers in their quest to seek the "dreams" of this world for Christ. Therefore, we have provided the "Facespace" message boards for you on this site.

On "Facespace," tell us how you're living out "The Dreamchaser Project" in your own life. Tell us about witnessing encounters you have had, prayer requests, and post your questions about the objections you have been running into while sharing your faith.

Please, keep it clean and civil. You do not have to be a Christian to participate. In fact, we welcome opposing worldviews here, as well those who are just seeking answers to life's questions from a divine perspective.

Thank you for your participation, and welcome to the world of "Facespace!"
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